Bidaisari Resort was designed
for the most charming holidays,
whether with family or among friends

This resort offers a pool and a unique natural waterfall like you’ve never seen. Wander through the unmatched gardens designed with plants or our Fig Farm, visit our horse stables  or just relax by the pool.

Lovely hotel and great for families,
friendly, comfortable and in the heart of nature.

Wander through the the fig farm and see this wonderful plants up close, have fun in the swimming pools or take a hike to enjoy the waterfall & natures wonder.
You can also indulge yourself with a horse ride or tour the resort in our horse carriage and be delighted by the diverse flavours offered in our pool cafe or our Figgy Cafe!

Experience unforgettable days at Bidaisari resort.
Discover nature while recharging yourself, perfect for family or friends.
Exquisite Ambiance & Comfortable
Within the coziness of the forest, Bidaisari resort offers elegant rooms within the beauty of Nature and a host of activities for her guest.

Relaxation. No longer beyond the budget

A relaxing and spacious  boutique resort with spectacular forest atmosphere from each of our private 15 chalets or our cozy family cottage to our exclusive bungalow.

All our rooms are located in the short distance from the pool and center of the resort, making your stay more comfortable. Send us a query and let us plan your vacation for you



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